The IP in NFTs – Strategies for protecting your brands and products in the metaverse

The creation (“minting”) and sale and use of NFTs raises many IP issues which we have discussed in our previous posts in our IP in NFTs series. However, brand owners and product manufacturers must also be vigilant in monitoring the virtual marketplaces to ensure that third parties are not creating NFTs that infringe their own IP rights.  This is especially true where the company is considering releasing or has released NFTs, because the public will begin to associate the brand with NFTs (which could include infringing NFTs).  There are several strategies that companies could adopt to minimise this risk.

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Hong Kong Court summarises features of Bitcoin, digital keys and “hot” and “cold” wallets

“Not your keys, not your crypto” – whilst this may sound like first principles to crypto users and fintech is part of our ordinary daily lives, the concepts and related terminologies may still be unfamiliar to some, including judges. In a recent case concerning the use of an allegedly tampered hardware wallet, the Hong Kong Court described the circumstances to be “rather unusual” and proceeded to summarise the features of Bitcoin and digital keys, their storage in wallets and how ownership of Bitcoin is established in the judgment with the assistance of expert evidence. Continue reading