AI in regulatory decision making – is it the end of the world?

In November the UK will be hosting the first global summit on the regulation of AI at Bletchley Park. The recent growth of programs such as ChatGPT has prompted much debate around standards for the creation and deployment of artificial intelligence, and even concerns about the future of humanity. But what about the deployment of AI tools by governments and regulators?

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Publication of the Charter for the appraisal of “Fintech” authorisation requests by the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority

The French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution, “ACPR“) published on 10 January 2022 a handbook for Fintechs in order to assist them with better understanding the legal and regulatory framework to which they may be subject to, and which might fall under the ACPR’s supervision. Continue reading

2020 Global Bank Review: #disruption

We are excited to launch the 2020 edition of our Global Bank Review#disruption.

While the banks sector has faced significant challenges before, the depth and breadth of Covid-19’s disruption has left banks in the position of having to brace for impact to their own businesses, whilst simultaneously demonstrating a change in culture, providing support to vulnerable customers, and supplying vital credit for regrowing our economies. Continue reading

Fintech 2021: from crisis to consolidation

For most people, life and work have changed fundamentally since the Covid-19 crisis began – and there are concerns that the crisis could still worsen again . Most areas of the world’s economy have been profoundly affected too, and the Fintech sector is no exception. Fintech has been both an epicentre of the crisis – and has also been central to recovery efforts, as payments have moved online and governments have sought to disburse financial support efficiently. Continue reading