In this blog post, we round-up forthcoming developments in the UK and at EU and International levels in financial services regulation which are expected for October 2021.


1 Oct
4 Oct
5 Oct
6 Oct
7 Oct
8 Oct
11 Oct
  • Deadline for responses to FCA CP21/27 Quarterly CP No 33; proposals cover:
    • general insurance value measures reporting;
    • moving application forms from the Handbook;
    • amendments to the Handbook to reflect branding changes by the Money and Pensions Service;
    • amending LIBOR references in the Handbook;
    • consequential changes to the Prospectus Regulation Rules and Listing Rules to align with changes to the prospectus regime guidance;
    • changes to reporting requirements in the Supervision Manual;
    • amendments to FCA rules on corporate reporting in machine-readable electronic format under the Disclosure and Transparency Rules; and
    • UK Emissions Trading Scheme.
12 Oct
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