Transfer of criminal liability in corporate takeovers: the Spanish Constitutional Court’s judgment of 11 December 2023

On December 2023, the Spanish Constitutional Court issued a judgment that reopened the issue of the transfer of legal entities' criminal liability following a corporate acquisition. The judgment was related to a fine imposed by the Spanish Council of Ministers on Banco Santander regarding an alleged breach by Banco Popular of money laundering provisions before it was acquired by Banco Santander. Read more

The new DPA landscape for fraud

24 February 2024 will mark the tenth anniversary of Deferred Prosecution Agreements ("DPAs") being introduced in the UK as a means of resolving corporate crime. The article, 'The new DPA landscape for fraud', considers the key themes emerging from the DPAs that have been agreed to date and the likely use of DPAs in light of the incoming failure to prevent fraud offence and the recent expansion of the identification principle under the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act 2023. Read more

Transparency International publishes CPI 2023

On 30 January 2024, Transparency International (“TI“) published the Corruption Perceptions Index 2023 (“CPI“). The CPI, which is the most widely used indicator of corruption worldwide and covers 180 countries, scores and ranks countries (or territories) based on how corrupt a country’s public sector is perceived to be by experts and business executives. Read more