FSB Report: Supervisory issues associated with benchmark transition: major LIBOR transition risks

The Financial Stability Board (FSB) has published its long-awaited report to the G20 on supervisory issues related to LIBOR transition. It follows a survey of the state of preparedness of regulators around the globe and presents its recommendations. The purpose of this engagement is to facilitate greater coordination on a global level, to mitigate the impact on financial stability generally and both financial institutions and non-financial institutions specifically: FSB Report: Supervisory issues associated with benchmark transition. Read more

LIBOR discontinuation – FCA thematic feedback on responses to Dear CEO letter

The FCA and PRA yesterday published a joint statement setting out their key observations from the responses of major banks and insurers in the UK to the Dear CEO letters published in September 2018, which asked for details of the preparations and actions being taken by those firms to manage transition from LIBOR to alternative interest rate benchmarks (SONIA … Read more

UK Tough Legacy Taskforce recommends LIBOR legislative fix: key risks and next steps

The UK’s Tough Legacy Taskforce (Taskforce) has issued a paper on “tough legacy” issues in the transition from LIBOR. In an important intervention, it has recommended a legislative fix for all asset classes and possibly all LIBOR currencies. The scope of the recommendation from the Taskforce is wider than many will have expected, but will be broadly supported by the market. Read more

ISDA releases report explaining final results of LIBOR consultation on pre-cessation fallbacks: the nuance behind the consensus

We commented last month on the announcement from the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA), confirming the preliminary results of its re-consultation on the implementation of pre-cessation fallbacks for derivatives referenced to LIBOR: ISDA pre-cessation fallback consensus: will this reduce legacy LIBOR risk in the derivatives market? ISDA has now published a report summarising the responses received from … Read more

LIBOR Transition: Is ARRC’s Proposed Legislative Fix Constitutional?

In early March, 2020, the Alternative Reference Rates Committee (ARRC) in the US published a proposal for New York legislation to assist the transition of financial contracts away from US dollar (USD) LIBOR. In a blog post in March, HSF provided an overview of this proposal and its specific provisions. LIBOR transition: What does the US regulator’s proposed … Read more