Indonesia – Food safety rules and Halal certification

With more than 270 million people, Indonesia is home to one of the largest Muslim populations in the world. In addition to understanding the origin, contents and safety of food and beverage products, Indonesian Muslim consumers are increasingly seeking assurance for Halal products consumed by them. There is also a growing Halal industry as Indonesia … Read more

Indonesia’s New Stamp Duty Law

A new stamp duty law came into effect in Indonesia on 1 January 2021 through Law No. 10 of 2020 on Stamp Duty. The new law includes detailed provisions on stamp duty obligations as well as several new stamp duty objects. Read more

Trends and Issues for Retail Brands to Consider Today

Our behaviour as consumers has changed over the last few years, and the change has been more dramatic since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Indonesia and elsewhere. In this article we describe some of the recent trends in Indonesia’s retail sector, and the issues that retail brands here will need to consider. Some of these trends and issues will no doubt also apply to other jurisdictions. Read more