Indonesian Competition Authority Introduces Significant New Merger Control Guidance

In October 2020, the Indonesian Competition Commission (commonly known as the KPPU) issued new Guidelines on the Evaluation of Mergers, Consolidations and Acquisitions (the Guidelines).  The Guidelines provide much needed clarity on the interpretation of KPPU Regulation No. 3 of 2019 (the 2019 Regulation), which sets out the categories of transactions subject to notification under Indonesia’s post-closing merger control regime. Read more

Omnibus Law Insights: Guide to Impact on Indonesia’s Energy, Resources and Infrastructure Sectors – Licensing, Environmental, Forestry and Construction Reforms

Indonesia’s Omnibus Law has been heralded for introducing significant reforms in a range of areas, including Indonesia’s laws on investment, employment, immigration, environmental standards, business licensing and building permits. In this article we discuss the potential impact on investors in the energy, resources and infrastructure sectors. Read more

Omnibus Law Insights: Are the Labour Reforms Really Pro-Employer?

The labour reforms in the Omnibus Law have largely been controversial because they are widely reported to introduce a fundamental shift in employee protection in Indonesia. While this is true for certain aspects of the law, such as employee entitlements upon termination, employers should be mindful that many of the changes may actually be employee-friendly. Read more

Omnibus Law Insights: Impact on Investment

Indonesia’s widely heralded, but controversial, Omnibus Law is intended to remove a plethora of complexities and red tape across a range of existing laws that are seen to hinder business efficiency in Indonesia. It also aims to significantly reduce the barriers to foreign investment, supporting a more open and competitive economy. Read more

Trends and Issues for Retail Brands to Consider Today

Our behaviour as consumers has changed over the last few years, and the change has been more dramatic since the Covid-19 pandemic hit Indonesia and elsewhere. In this article we describe some of the recent trends in Indonesia’s retail sector, and the issues that retail brands here will need to consider. Some of these trends and issues will no doubt also apply to other jurisdictions. Read more