The FCA has published its Business Plan for 2017/2018, setting out details of the specific areas of work the FCA is prioritising for the next year, as well as key trends in, and implications for, the markets and firms regulated by the FCA, and emerging risks that may require future regulatory response.

For the first time, the FCA has published Sector Views, alongside the Business Plan. Covering all of the markets which the FCA regulates, there are seven sector views: retail banking, retail lending, general insurance and protection, pensions and retirement income, retail investments, investment management, and wholesale financial markets.

The FCA has also published its Mission, which sets out what the FCA aims to achieve through regulation, how the FCA chooses to use its tool and how it makes regulatory decisions. The FCA has published a feedback statement (FS17/1) summarising the responses to the consultation paper on its Mission.

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