WTC and aggregation: the meaning of “arising from one event”

In MIC Simmonds (Lloyd's Syndicate 994) v AJ Gammell (Lloyd's Syndicate 102) [2016] EWHC 2515 (Comm), Mr Justice Cooke considered an appeal against the decision of an arbitral panel on whether certain reinsurance claims following the World Trade Center attacks on 11 September 2001 (the "WTC attacks") could be aggregated.  The arbitrators had decided by … Read more

Insurer’s subrogation rights in relation to leasehold premises revisited

In Elizabeth Frasca-Judd v Galina Golovina [2016] EWHC 497 (QB), the High Court has held, applying Mark Rowlands v Berni Inns Limited [1986] QB 211, that where a landlord insured property for the benefit of herself and her tenant, the insurer could not bring a subrogated claim against the tenant for damage caused by breach of contract and/or … Read more

Court of Appeal construes aggregation provision in minimum terms and conditions of professional indemnity insurance

The Court of Appeal has varied the decision of the High Court in AIG Europe Limited v OC320301 LLP and Others [2015] EWHC 2398 (Comm) and provided further guidance on the construction of the aggregation clause contained in the Minimum Terms and Conditions of Professional Indemnity Insurance (as published by the Solicitors' Regulation Authority) required to … Read more

Non-disclosure clauses: when is a non-disclosure “deliberate or fraudulent”?

In Mutual Energy Ltd v Starr Underwriting Agents Ltd [2016] EWHC 590 (TCC), Mr Justice Coulson considered the proper construction of a clause which prevented insurers from avoiding the policy for non-disclosure unless that non-disclosure was "deliberate or fraudulent".  The Judge held that a non-disclosure would only be "deliberate or fraudulent" if the insured deliberately … Read more