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Brexit – EIOPA publishes opinion on cross-border legacy business

An opinion published by EIOPA on 21 December 2017 raises concerns for UK insurers who have policyholders in EEA states other than the UK. This will include, for example, every life company with annuitants living in an EEA state*, perhaps because they moved … Continue reading

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Delay to IDD start date/Guidance on UK approach to Brexit

Delay to IDD start date The EU Commission published draft legislation today (in the form of a proposed Directive and a proposed Delegated Regulation) to delay the IDD start date to 1 October 2018.  It has agreed to requests for … Continue reading

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Brexit and cross-border insurance contracts

On 14 September 2017, the UK Parliament published a letter from Nicky Morgan, Chair of the Treasury Committee, to Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, on insurers’ ability, post-Brexit, to service insurance contracts sold under passporting arrangements with a duration that … Continue reading

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Brexit – Key issues for lobbying by insurers

Our latest “at a glance” guide identifies, in two pages, some of the key issues insurers may want to ensure are on the negotiating team’s agenda.  It considers key issues from the perspective of both UK insurers accessing the EEA … Continue reading

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Brexit – Impact on EEA insurers and non-EEA headquartered groups

This briefing considers the position of EEA firms who wish to access the UK insurance market post-exit.  It also looks at the impact of Brexit on non-EEA headquartered groups that currently passport into the EEA via a UK subsidiary. This briefing supplements … Continue reading

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