Progress in Austria brings the UPC ever closer

Progress continues at pace towards the new Unified Patent Court (“UPC“) in Europe, with news that the National Council of the Austrian Parliament (Nationalrat) has unanimously approved the Protocol on Provisional Application (“PPA“). The next step is for the PPA to be approved by the Austrian Bundesrat (Federal Council), and this is likely to happen … Read more

Revolution or evolution? Tech Disputes podcast series – Episode 4: Collaboration risks – where disputes arise and how to avoid them

In episode 4 of our Tech Disputes podcast series Revolution or evolution?, we take a look at Collaboration risks - where disputes arise and how to avoid them. In this episode we explore some of the common areas where we have seen disputes arise when entering into IP and tech collaborations and why collaboration disputes are becoming so prevalent. Read more

UPC – Doors Open in 2022?

Recent comments from the UPC Preparatory Committee make it look increasingly likely that the UPC will open its doors for business during 2022. The Committee announced that only one more country now needs to ratify the Protocol on Provisional Application of the UPC Agreement and that this is likely to happen before the end of this year. Read more

UK National AI Strategy – Government launches consultation on AI and IP

Following on from the Call for views on AI and IP conducted by the UK IPO in the last quarter of 2020, and as part of the UK AI National Strategy, the UK government has launched a consultation on AI and IP. This consultation targets the more contentious areas arising from the earlier Call for Views and focuses on copyright in works made by AI; text and data mining using copyright material; and patents for inventions devised by AI. Read more

UK Court of Appeal dismisses DABUS appeal on AI as patent inventor but dissenting judgment leaves room for possible Supreme Court appeal

The latest round in the Thaler/DABUS patent applications story has been fought and lost by Dr Thaler in the UK Court of Appeal, although with one dissenting judgment. An appeal to the Supreme Court is possible but the subsequent announcement of the UK Government's National AI Strategy which will include a UK IPO consultation on the use of copyright and patents to protect AI, expected to be launched within the next few months may mean that the issues could be resolved via legislation instead. Where will Dr Thaler/DABUS go from here? Read more