Published in July 2019’s edition of PLC Magazine, the second in our series of three feature articles on Challenges in the Consumer Sector, looks at the impact of e-commerce and the internet revolution on consumer and retail businesses.

In Challenges in the Consumer Sector – adapting to the new reality *, Susan Black, John Chetwood, Miriam Everett, Tim Leaver, Kristien Geeurickx, Jemima Coleman, Richard Wood, Rebecca Perlman and Rachel Montagnon examine issues ranging from supply chains (pricing restrictions, the use of blockchain, and the management of data and reputation), to “worker status” and the gig economy and the impact of the Government’s Good Work Plan, to the increasing use of CVAs in the context of “retail distress” amongst bricks & mortar traditional retailers.

See the first article in the series Challenges in the Consumer Sector  – transformative technology * (posted on this blog here) in which members of our IP team (Joel Smith, Victoria Horsey, Sarah Burke and Rachel Montagnon) and TMT colleagues (Hayley Brady and James Balfour) covered issues arising from new technologies including: AI, AR & VR (including IP aspects), data commercialisation, Internet of Things, contextual commerce, data privacy, cyber security, targeted advertising, and on-line infringement of IP rights.

For more on these and other issues affecting the Consumer sector see our Future of Consumer hub.


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