The UK Intellectual Property Office has published its call for views on artificial intelligence (‘AI’) and intellectual property (‘IP’). The IPO is interested in understanding the implications that AI might have for IP policy, and vice versa, in the near to medium future.

To respond, email before 11:45 pm on 30 November 2020.


In this call for views, the IPO recognises that “AI and machine learning are enabling. They are transforming the global economy and already an integral part of our lives. They impact our workplace, our homes, our transportation, and our healthcare”, and wants to understand “the commercial, economic, legal and social implications of AI and how the IP framework can incentivise the development and adoption of AI technologies”.

The call for views asks a number of questions in relation to how the IP framework currently relates to AI and the future of AI and IP policy.

It contains five sections covering the below IP rights and themes:

  • Patents (including in relation to AI inventorship, patentability of AI inventions, and infringement of patents by AI systems);
  • Copyright and related rights (including in relation to use of copyright works by AI systems and copyright protection of AI-generated works);
  • Designs (including in relation to AI ownership and authorship, and infringement by AI systems);
  • Trade marks (including how current trade mark law would apply to AI technology and infringement by AI systems); and
  • Trade secrets (including the advantages and disadvantages of using trade secrets in the AI sector).

A full list of the questions asked across all of the IP rights above can be accessed here.


Priyanka Madan

Priyanka Madan
Associate - London
+44 20 7466 2986

Laura Adde

Laura Adde
Associate - London
+44 20 7466 7491