COVID-19: Pressure Points: Supply Chain Difficulties – new global guide, including IP, advertising and collaboration issues

Herbert Smith Freehills has published a new global guide on supply chain difficulties arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions and solutions. Supply chain difficulties are at the heart of the pressures facing businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. In our latest guide we look at supply chain pressure points and what is being and … Read more

COVID-19: Pressure Points: The UK Government confirms that it will indemnify ventilator manufacturers against IP infringement claims

The UK Government has issued an indemnity in relation to claims brought against the manufacturers of new ventilators produced to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK as part of the Government’s campaign for rapidly manufactured ventilator systems (RMVS).  A letter from Michael Gove MP to the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee (3 April) confirms … Read more

The impact of COVID-19 on competition law in the pharmaceutical sector

The global COVID-19 pandemic has, to an extent, re-directed some of the actions and focus of competition authorities, which are placing increasing scrutiny on several strategic industries to ensure they do not profit from the crisis. Some of these developments, as outlined below, are relevant to the pharmaceutical industry (for information on COVID-19’s more general … Read more

COVID-19: PRESSURE POINTS: Order SND/326/2020, of 6 April, which establishes special measures to grant prior operating permits for facilities and to use certain medical devices lacking CE certification as a result of the medical crisis linked to the COVID-19 outbreak (Spain)

The Order establishes a number of special measures for medical devices listed in the annex to the Order, surgical facemasks and surgical gowns: Permit.  A prior operating permit for facilities (as established in article 9 of Royal Decree 1591/2009, of 16 October, which regulates medical devices) will still be required to manufacture medical devices necessary … Read more

COVID-19: Pressure Points: A Catalyst for Collaboration (Global)

As COVID-19 infiltrates every aspect of our daily lives and the world races to respond and to address the pandemic, there is a consistent theme which offers all of us hope. Collaboration. To combat the outbreak, we have seen the emergence of large numbers of companies joining to pool their resources and to cross-share their valuable know-how. Read more

COVID-19: Pressure points: UK Government disables domain names and social media accounts involved in selling fake or unauthorised COVID-19 products

On Saturday (4 April 2020) the UK Government issued a press release on how the medicines and medical devices regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), is investigating the increasing number of bogus medical products being sold through unauthorised websites claiming to treat or prevent COVID-19 cases of fake or unlicensed COVID-19 medical … Read more

COVID-19: Potential legal impact (latest developments) – Pharma (Spain) (03/04/2020)

New regulations have been published in Spain to address the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. We will analyse below the most significant impacts that the new measures will have, essentially included in Royal Decree-law 11/2020, of 31 March, which adopts additional urgent social and economic measures to tackle COVID-19 (“RDL 11/2020”), as well … Read more