Article published on maximising privilege protection for internal investigations under US and English law

When a company conducts an internal investigation in respect of a potential regulatory issue, it will wish to maximise the extent to which materials produced in connection with the investigation are protected by privilege. If privilege is protected from the outset, the company can then determine the extent to which privileged materials should be withheld from regulators or the extent to which the company will waive the privilege.

Scott BalberJohn O’Donnell and Elizabeth Head have published an article which examines the differences in approach to privilege issues under US and English law, and suggests some measures companies can take to maximise the privilege protections in the conduct of internal investigations. Click here to download a copy of the article, “Cross-border overview: maximising privilege protection under US and English law“, which is an extract from Global Investigations Review’s The Investigations Review of the Americas 2016.

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