New Brexit podcasts looking at the impact on contracts and contract termination

In the latest update to the Brexit series on our Herbert Smith Freehills Podcast channel, Paul Butcher, Julie Farley, Maura McIntosh and Tom Henderson discuss what businesses need to know about the impact of Brexit on their English law governed existing and future contracts. We have released two new podcasts:

  • ‘The Impact on Existing and Future Contracts’ – In this podcast Paul Butcher, Julie Farley and Tom Henderson consider matters such as the continued use of references to the EU and EU legislation, continued compliance with EU and UK legislation and tips for drafting a “Brexit clause” to proactively address the possible consequences of Brexit.
  • ‘Will Brexit allow parties to bring their contracts to an end?’ – Maura McIntosh, Julie Farley and Tom Henderson discuss what businesses need to know about the possibility of bringing contracts to an end as a result of Brexit. This podcast includes consideration of force majeure clauses, material adverse change clauses and frustration at common law, as well as the recent High Court case in which the European Medicines Agency is arguing that Brexit frustrates its Canary Wharf lease.

Our podcasts are available on iTunesSpotify and SoundCloud and can be accessed on all devices. You can subscribe and be notified of all future episodes.

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