The Law of Solicitors’ Liabilities, Fourth Edition, previously known as Solicitors’ Negligence and Liability, has recently been released. The publication was written by leading practitioners in the field Tom Leech QC of Herbert Smith Freehills and William Flenley QC of Hailsham Chambers with contributions from Thomas Grant QC (Maitland Chambers), Nicola Rushton QC (Hailsham Chambers), Alice Nash (Hailsham Chambers) and Matthew Bonye (Herbert Smith Freehills).

The new fourth edition provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects of solicitors’ negligence, liability in equity and wasted costs and deals with a variety of topics, from general principles to specific situations, providing practical guidance to the procedural aspects of bringing and defending a claim for solicitors’ negligence. It also includes:

  • A new chapter on insurance law focusing on a number of key topics which arise, particularly in relation to solicitors’ insurance: aggregation; condonation; definition of private legal practice; notification; successor practice rules.
  • Updated case law to cover all recent Supreme Court and Court of Appeal decisions, eg Hughes-Holland v BPE (Supreme Court): scope of duty and extent of damages; Redler v AIB (Supreme Court): breach of trust; Lowick Rose v Swynson (Supreme Court): lifting the corporate veil in claims against professionals; Tiuta International v de Villiers (Court of Appeal): lenders’ claims, impact of a remortgage on damages; Wellesley v Withers (Court of Appeal): test for remoteness of damage; and E Surv v Goldsmith Williams (Court of Appeal): implied duty on solicitors in lenders’ claims.
  • Regulatory/disciplinary developments, eg revised SRA Code of Conduct.

More information on the book can be found through the link here, where it can also be purchased using a discount code of BPSLHSF20.

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