Supreme Court upholds celebrity injunction

The Supreme Court has today allowed an appeal by a celebrity (PJS) seeking an injunction preventing publication of details of his private life, by a majority of four to one: PJS v News Group Newspapers Ltd [2016] UKSC 26.  In… Read more

Article published on directors and corporate information

Within the boardroom, the management of information is of crucial importance, particularly where directors are appointed by a single shareholder under the company's articles of association or a relevant shareholders' agreement. Recent English cases demonstrate that shareholders and companies are… Read more

No property right in the contents of an e-mail

A commercial deal has gone wrong.  Not only has this caused contractual issues but regulatory authorities are now investigating.  Crucial information which would help you is in the hands of someone who used to work for your company, in his… Read more

Strict approach to witness protection orders

The High Court has refused to order that the identities of certain witnesses should be protected and that their evidence should be heard in private: Cherney v Deripaska [2012] EWHC 1781 (Comm). The court accepted that it had the power to make… Read more

High Court guidance on non-party access to court documents

In the context of the phone hacking litigation, the High Court has considered the principles governing which court documents are publicly available: Various claimants v News Group Newspapers Ltd and another [2012] EWHC 397 (Ch). Under CPR 5.4C a non-party… Read more

Keeping settlement terms confidential

A recent High Court decision has important practical implications for the drafting and filing of Tomlin orders, which are commonly used to record agreed terms of settlement: ABC Ltd v Y [2010] EWHC 3176 (Ch). The judgment also helpfully reviews… Read more