Cross-Border Litigation – international perspectives

We are pleased to publish the second issue of our periodic publication "Cross-Border Litigation", designed to highlight legal and practical issues specific to litigation with an international aspect. Tapping into the expertise of the firm's leading commercial litigators across the globe, the… Read more

Interim report published in Civil Courts Structure Review

Lord Justice Briggs's interim report in his review of the future of the civil courts structure was published yesterday, 12 January 2016. Key aspects include: Urgent measures are needed to address the current overload in the Court of Appeal, where a 54% increase in… Read more

Another round of massive court fee hikes proposed

Less than four months after the last round of fee increases for civil claims (see post), the government has today opened a consultation on further significant increases which, if implemented, would (at least) double the cost of issuing money claims above £400,000,… Read more

Courts to charge issue fees of 5% of claim value

The government announced on Friday that it will go ahead with its proposal to introduce percentage issue fees for money claims over £10,000, calculated as 5% of the value of the claim subject to a cap of £10,000 (see our post summarising the proposals put forward… Read more

Substantial court fee increases proposed for commercial claims

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has issued a consultation proposing substantial court fee increases. For certain types of proceedings, these include "enhanced" fees aimed at recovering more than the cost of running the services to which they relate. The key proposals include: Introducing percentage issue fees for money… Read more

Three new Supreme Court Justices appointed

The Supreme Court has today announced the appointment of three new justices, or one quarter of the 12-member Court: Lord Justice Hughes, Lord Justice Toulson and Lord Hodge. They will succeed Lord Dyson, who became Master of the Rolls in October 2012,… Read more

Court statistics for 2011

The Ministry of Justice has published its Judicial and Court Statistics for 2011. These show an increase in claims in the Commercial Court and Technology and Construction Court, reverting to 2009 levels after a fall in 2010, but a slight… Read more

Moves toward greater use of judicial docketing

One of Lord Justice Jackson's recommendations, in his January 2010 report on civil litigation costs (see our summary of the key recommendations here), was that cases should be assigned wherever possible to designated judges who have relevant expertise and, so far as… Read more

Government’s proposals to encourage ADR in smaller disputes

The government response has been published to its consultation on "Solving disputes in the County Courts: creating a simpler, quicker and more proportionate system", which asked for views on compulsory mediation information sessions, automatic referral to mediation, and extension of… Read more

Two new Supreme Court justices appointed

The Supreme Court has today announced the appointment of two new justices, Lord Reed and Lord Justice Carnwath CVO. The two appointments follow the death of Lord Rodger in June 2011 and the forthcoming retirement of Lord Brown in April… Read more

Guidance on use of live communications from court

On 14 December the Lord Chief Justice issued practice guidance on the use of live text-based forms of communication (including twitter) from court for the purposes of fair and accurate reporting. The guidance applies to proceedings which are open to the… Read more

Rolls Building in action

London's new business court, the Rolls Building, opened its doors in October, bringing under one roof the business related divisions of the High Court (the Admiralty and Commercial Court, the Technology and Construction Court and the Chancery Division).  The new… Read more

Robes and wigs now optional in Supreme Court

Earlier this week the President of the Supreme Court announced that advocates appearing before the court (or the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council) may do away with any or all elements of traditional court dress, if all advocates agree.… Read more

Substantial court fee increases proposed

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has issued a Consultation Paper on court fees in which it proposes substantial increases to issue fees for higher value claims and the introduction of time-related hearing fees in the High Court and Court of… Read more

Rolls Building update

The new business court, the Rolls Building, is on track to open for business from October, bringing the Admiralty and Commercial Court, the Technology and Construction Court and the Chancery Division (including the Bankruptcy and Companies Courts) under one roof… Read more