Government rows back from plans to double cap on court issue fees

The government has today published its response to its recent consultation on further court fee increases. The good news for court users is that it has decided not to proceed with plans to increase the cap on fees to issue a money claim, which are currently calculated at 5% of claim value subject to a … Read more

New specialist Financial List and pilot of Financial Markets Test Case Scheme

A new specialist Financial List is to be introduced in the High Court from 1 October. It will deal with financial markets claims for more than £50 million, or which require particular expertise in the financial markets, or which raise issues of general importance in the financial markets. Nominated Financial List judges will receive ongoing training relating to developments in … Read more

New pilots of streamlined procedures for claims in the main business courts

Two pilot schemes, the Shorter Trials Scheme and the Flexible Trials Scheme, will be introduced for claims commenced from 1 October and will run for a period of two years. The schemes allow for shorter and more flexible procedures for claims brought in the Rolls Building courts (including the Commercial Court, the Chancery Division and the Technology and … Read more

Another round of massive court fee hikes proposed

Less than four months after the last round of fee increases for civil claims (see post), the government has today opened a consultation on further significant increases which, if implemented, would (at least) double the cost of issuing money claims above £400,000, ie from £10,000 to at least £20,000. In March this year, in the face of … Read more

Planned huge increases to court fees expected to come into effect next Monday

Following approval of the relevant draft legislation by the House of Lords this evening, it is expected that the government’s planned increases to civil court fees will take effect on Monday 9 March. As reported in our previous post, the new fees to issue money claims over £10,000 will be calculated as 5% of the claim value, subject to a … Read more

Courts to charge issue fees of 5% of claim value

The government announced on Friday that it will go ahead with its proposal to introduce percentage issue fees for money claims over £10,000, calculated as 5% of the value of the claim subject to a cap of £10,000 (see our post summarising the proposals put forward in its December 2013 consultation). Issue fees currently range up to £1,920 for claims of more … Read more