Disclosure pilot scheme extended to the end of 2021

A disclosure pilot scheme has been underway in the Business and Property Courts since the beginning of 2019, governed by CPR Practice Direction (PD) 51U. The scheme was originally intended to run for two years but, at the June meeting of the Civil Procedure Rule Committee (CPRC), it was agreed that it should be extended … Read more

Commercial litigation podcast series – Episode 3: General update

In this third episode of our series of commercial litigation update podcasts, we look at developments in disclosure and privilege since our February update, as well as some developments relating to costs and funding. This episode is hosted by Anna Pertoldi, who is joined by Maura McIntosh and Ajay Malhotra. Our podcast is available on … Read more

High Court finds “without prejudice” statements contained in mediation paper were admissible to defend against allegation of fraud

The High Court has held that statements made in a “without prejudice” (WP) mediation paper were admissible as they were to be used to rebut allegations of fraud, by showing that the claimants had known about, and approved, the transactions said to constitute the alleged fraud: Berkeley Square Holdings v Lancer Property Asset Management Ltd … Read more

High Court finds “control” for the purposes of disclosure includes third party documents that the litigating party can access under a standing consent short of an enforceable right

In a recent decision, the High Court found that the documents of two of the defendant’s subsidiary companies were within its “control” for the purposes of disclosure: Pipia v BG Group Ltd [2020] EWHC 402 (Comm). The decision shows that a party can have control over the documents of its direct or indirect subsidiaries (or … Read more

Our new Commercial Litigation Podcast Series

We have today launched our new series of commercial litigation update podcasts, looking at developments in civil procedure that will be of interest to in-house lawyers and others who deal with litigation in the English courts. In this first episode we look at recent developments in disclosure and privilege. This episode is hosted by Anna … Read more