Article published – Pilot of new disclosure rules: a change for the better?

Julian Copeman and Maura McIntosh have published an article in PLC Magazine looking at the new disclosure rules that are due to be piloted in the Business and Property Courts for two years starting in January 2019. The article outlines the key provisions and considers how much impact they are likely to have, as well as considering the … Read more

Two-year pilot of new disclosure rules to commence 1 January 2019

New rules to govern disclosure of documents in litigation before the English courts were unveiled yesterday, having been approved by the Civil Procedure Rule Committee on 13 July. The rules will be subject to a two-year pilot in the Business and Property Courts which (subject to Ministerial consent) will commence on 1 January 2019. The pilot … Read more

Article published – Proposals for disclosure reform: Do they fit the bill?

Late last year, a disclosure working group chaired by Lady Justice Gloster published proposals for disclosure reform, including a completely new rule to govern the disclosure of documents in English litigation. The proposals are subject to consultation until the end of February, following which there is likely to be a two-year pilot in the Business and … Read more