English court orders crypto exchange to transfer assets into England and Wales to facilitate enforcement of judgment

The English High Court has ordered a cryptocurrency exchange (Huobi) to transfer into the jurisdiction a defendant’s cryptocurrency held outside the jurisdiction to facilitate the claimant’s efforts to enforce its judgment against those assets. Under the court’s order, the cryptocurrency is first to be converted into fiat currency and then transferred to the Court Funds … Read more

Commercial litigation podcast series – Episode 19: General update

In this 19th episode of our series of commercial litigation update podcasts, we look at developments in a range of areas, including environmental litigation, privilege, class actions, claims against cryptocurrency exchanges, and force majeure. This episode is hosted by Maura McIntosh, a professional support consultant in our litigation team, who is joined by Julian Copeman, … Read more

Flexible approach applied in granting preliminary injunction to prevent party harassing opponent’s solicitors

In a recent decision, the High Court has upheld a decision granting a novel injunction which prohibited a defendant from abusing, harassing, assaulting or threatening the claimant’s solicitors until trial or further order: Linemile Properties Ltd v Plater [2023] EWHC 810 (Ch). The defendant argued that the interim injunction should not have been granted as … Read more

High Court considers application of gateways for service out of the jurisdiction to cryptoassets removed from the jurisdiction

A recent High Court decision suggests that there is some doubt as to the proper construction of the gateways allowing service out of the jurisdiction for claims relating to property in the jurisdiction, and for claims in constructive or resulting trust relating to assets within the jurisdiction. In particular, the decision suggests that it may … Read more

Anti-suit injunction granted restraining proceedings in an EU member state

The Commercial Court has granted an anti-suit injunction restraining Belgian proceedings brought in breach of an exclusive English jurisdiction clause: Ebury Partners Belgium SA/NV v Technical Touch BV, Jan Berthels [2022] EWHC 2927 (Comm). This appears to be one of the first cases post-Brexit in which an anti-suit injunction has been granted by an English … Read more

Article published – Injunctions against “Persons Unknown”: uncertain territory

A recent High Court decision has highlighted a number of issues relating to injunctions against “Persons Unknown”, and specifically the fact that these orders have the potential to catch “newcomers” – people who did not fall within the defined category of “Persons Unknown” at the time the injunction was made but are subsequently brought within … Read more