Article published on enforcing foreign judgments

Enforcing a foreign judgment is not always a straightforward process. There are defences available to judgment debtors and procedural requirements to comply with. Anna Pertoldi has published a blog post on Practical Law's Dispute Resolution blog looking at some of the… Read more

Tougher approach to compliance

The Civil Procedure Rule Committee has approved the wording of an amendment which seeks to implement Lord Justice Jackson’s recommendations that the courts “should be less tolerant than hitherto of unjustified delays and breaches of orders” (see our September update… Read more

Court can give judgment despite settlement

A recent Court of Appeal decision clarifies that the court has the power to hand down judgment in a case that has been fully argued, even if the parties have settled their dispute and asked that judgment not be given:… Read more

Delays in giving judgment

In Bond v Dunster Properties Ltd [2011] EWCA Civ 455 the Court of Appeal described a delay of 22 months between the end of the hearing and the delivery of judgment as "lamentable and unacceptable" but held that it did… Read more