Commercial litigation podcast series – Episode 3: General update

In this third episode of our series of commercial litigation update podcasts, we look at developments in disclosure and privilege since our February update, as well as some developments relating to costs and funding. This episode is hosted by Anna Pertoldi, who is joined by Maura McIntosh and Ajay Malhotra. Our podcast is available on … Read more

High Court holds auditor must form its own view on client’s claim to privilege when responding to its regulator’s notice to produce documents

The High Court has held that an auditor required to produce documents to its regulator, the Financial Reporting Council (“FRC”), must form its own view on whether documents are privileged and can therefore be withheld on that ground, regardless of whether the privilege is that of the auditor or its underlying client: A v B … Read more

High Court finds “without prejudice” statements contained in mediation paper were admissible to defend against allegation of fraud

The High Court has held that statements made in a “without prejudice” (WP) mediation paper were admissible as they were to be used to rebut allegations of fraud, by showing that the claimants had known about, and approved, the transactions said to constitute the alleged fraud: Berkeley Square Holdings v Lancer Property Asset Management Ltd … Read more

High Court finds evidence of without prejudice discussions should be admitted to establish real risk of dissipation of assets in support of freezing injunction

The High Court has held that evidence of statements made in “without prejudice” settlement discussions should be admitted in support of an application for a freezing order. The respondents’ threat – to move assets and structure its affairs to frustrate the applicants’ enforcement of a US judgment – fell within the narrow “unambiguous impropriety” exception … Read more

Court of Appeal finds trustees not entitled to withhold certain privileged documents in response to subject access request from beneficiaries of Bahamian trust

In the most recent chapter of the Dawson-Damer trust litigation, the Court of Appeal has held that a law firm acting for the defendant trustee in the underlying proceedings must comply (in part) with a subject access request made by the claimant beneficiaries, despite its claims to legal professional privilege (“LPP”) in some of the … Read more