Court of Appeal rules on audit liability

In its first full ruling on audit liability for several years, the Court of Appeal has upheld the first instance decision in the MAN/Freightliner litigation, finding that the auditors of a subsidiary were not liable to the parent in respect… Read more

Abuse of the court process for issuing a Claim Form

A recent decision of the High Court has clarified the circumstances in which the issue of a Claim Form will constitute an abuse of the court process: Nomura International plc v Granada Group Limited and others [2007] EWHC 642 (Comm).… Read more

House of Lords overhaul economic torts

The decision of the House of Lords handed down earlier this month has made headlines in the mainstream as well as the legal press. For the mainstream press, the interest in the decision lay in the continuing saga arising out… Read more

Recovery of management and staff costs

In a decision which has provided valuable guidance in resolving an area of legal uncertainty, the Court of Appeal has clarified the conditions which need to be fulfilled for payments made towards management and staff costs to be recoverable as… Read more

Recent case on champerty

The recent case of Mansell v Robinson [2007] EWHC 101 (QB) has demonstrated the court's modern, more flexible approach to the rules against champerty. The court will not apply a mechanistic rule but will consider each case on its facts,… Read more