Supreme Court confirms that, where cause of action accrues at midnight, the following day is included for limitation purposes

The Supreme Court has unanimously held that where a cause of action accrues at midnight (a “midnight deadline case”) the following day will count towards the calculation of the limitation period for commencing proceedings: Matthew v Sedman [2021] UKSC 19. The judgment provides an important clarification for parties calculating limitation periods in cases where accrual … Read more

Article published – Witness evidence and refreshing memory: virtue or vice?

The most controversial feature of the new regime for trial witness statements in the Business and Property Courts, at Practice Direction 57AC and its Appendix, is the requirement for the statement to list all documents the witness has referred to, or been referred to, for the purpose of providing the evidence set out in the … Read more

Commercial litigation podcast series – Episode 8: General update

In this eighth episode of our series of commercial litigation update podcasts, we give a brief update on developments relating to jurisdiction and the enforcement of judgments post-Brexit, and on disclosure, as well as considering recent cases on witness evidence, the without prejudice rule, and when the courts will hand down judgment despite the parties … Read more