We have published a client guide to the English court’s jurisdiction under the recast Brussels Regulation (No 1215/2012), which applies to proceedings commenced on or after 10 January 2015. The guide features a decision tree, which is intended as a quick reference to help determine whether the English court will have jurisdiction over a dispute under the existing rules.

Please click on the image below to open an interactive PDF of the guide (Version 2, July 2015). Once you have opened the PDF, you can click on any of the decision tree boxes to bring you to a more detailed note on the relevant aspect of the rules.

Note that, post-Brexit, the rules in the recast Brussels Regulation will only apply to determine the English court’s jurisdiction if proceedings are commenced before the end of the transition period established under the UK/EU Withdrawal Agreement, ie the end of December 2020.

See also our decision tree on enforcement of English judgments in the EU27 post-Brexit, which is available here.


Or you can see the notes for Boxes 1 to 14 here, the notes for Boxes A to D here and the notes for the Assumptions (Box E) here.

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