Sanctions and Material Adverse Change Provisions

Craig Shepherd and Arnold Hoong have recently published an article in the Global Arbitration Review's Asia-Pacific Arbitration Review 2023. This article explores the effect of sanctions on contractual obligations within projects in the Asia-Pacific region as well as globally, and discusses what project owners and contractors should look out for. Read more

Directors Beware: Indemnity in a Company’s Constitution is not Foolproof

The question of to what extent can the directors solely rely on an indemnity provision in a company's constitution to bring an indemnity claim against the company was considered by the Malaysian Court of Appeal in the case of Perdana Petroleum Bhd (formerly known as Petra Perdana Bhd) v Tengku Dato’ Ibrahim Petra bin Tengku Indra Petra & Ors [2021] 6 MLJ 663. Read more

Malaysian High Court clarifies limits on stay conditions

The Malaysian High Court decision in Lion Pacific Sdn Bhd v Pestech Technology Sdn Bhd (High Court Suit No: BA-22NCvC-85-02/2021) highlights that the Malaysian court's power to impose conditions on a stay under section 10 of the Act does not extend to matters that are governed by the Act and within the exclusive jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal. Read more