The latest phase in the slow roll out of the Mines Legislation (Streamlining) Amendment Act 2012, which was passed by State Parliament in August 2012, began last week, though it is not known when the remainder of the legislation will commence.

However given the extent of modification to the existing tenure administration regime, particularly in relation to post-grant dealing registrations, it is likely that we will not see the full system operating for quite some months.

Substantive parts of the tenure administration amendments that commenced last week under this new phase, include key changes, such as:

  • the Minister can now approve mining leases and 1923 petroleum leases  
  • new exploration permit relinquishment requirements (40% by end of year 3, 50% of remaining area by end of year 5)
  • new ability to withdraw objections on mining claims and mining leases
  • Minister’s new ability to issue “notice to progress” applications, and any failure to comply will allow the Minister to reject applications