As promised after the state election in 2012, the Queensland Government has confirmed the details of the committee that will advise them on the issues identified in the Six Point Action Plan to reform the state’s land access laws.
The seven member committee will be chaired by Dr David Watson, and will provide a forum for resource and rural industry bodies to resolve issues relating to resource sector development.
Other members of the committee include Wayne Newton, President, AgForce Grain Ltd; John Cotter, chair, Queensland Gasfields Commission; Dan Galligan, CEO, Queensland Farmers’ Federation; Matt Paul, Queensland Director, Australian Petroleum Producers’ and Explorers’ Association; Bernie Hogan, Regional Manager, Queensland, Association of Mining and Exploration Companies; and Andrew Barger, Policy Director, Queensland Resources Council.
The announcement also confirmed that the committee will specifically advise on:
  1. a review of heads of compensation to ensure no erosion of property rights and the expansion of Land Court jurisdiction to include matters of conduct;
  2. the introduction of an alternative dispute resolution process;
  3. the introduction of a requirement that any Conduct and Compensation Agreement (CCA) to be noted on land title;
  4. an option for parties to “opt out” of a formal land access agreement at the election of the property owner;
  5. the development of standard CCAs for mineral, coal and coal seam gas industries; and the creation of a single resource for property owners and resource companies.