The Queensland Government released its draft Ports Strategy on Thursday 17 October 2013.

The draft Ports Strategy proposes to:

  • declare that Brisbane, Mackay / Hay Point (in 2 separate zones), Gladstone, Townsville and Abbot Point ports will be the 5 priority port development areas (PPDAs) in Qld,
  • limit port expansion and development to within these 5 PPDAs (by prohibiting capital dredging for deep water port facilities outside the PPDAs) until 2022,
  • permit port and terminal expansion and development (including dredging) within the 5 PPDAs via a Government-facilitated staged and incremental expansion process, and
  • require PPDA’s to comply with a set of master plan guidelines (the details of which have not yet been released).

The draft Ports Strategy aims to:

  • achieve a balance between the ‘twin goals’ of sustainable economic port development and environmental protection, and
  • preserve the Queensland Government’s commitment in the GBR Ports Strategy (which is based on UNESCO recommendation) to restrict port development outside Queensland’s established major trading ports within or adjoining the GBRWHA.

The draft implementing legislation is intended to be in place by next year.

The Queensland Government is also continuing its review of port governance and supply chain coordination and delivery across the Queensland port network.

The closing date for submissions is Friday 13 December 2013.

To review the draft Ports Strategy: Queensland Ports Strategy Draft for consultation