ECM Review Snapshot: Key trends for Energy and Resources

HSF recently launched The Australian ECM Review 2023, which zeroes in on the key themes of capital markets in 2023, together with a review of IPO and secondary raising data across the Australian market. In this post, we bring you the top five highlights for Energy and Resources and the outlook for 2024. Read more

Coal royalty changes ahead for NSW

For the first time since January 2009, following a short industry consultation process, the New South Wales Government has announced changes to the coal royalty scheme. In this post, we unpack what the three-tiered framework will look like and when it will take effect. Read more

Queensland packs policy punch in its own Critical Minerals Strategy

Just a week after the new Australian Critical Minerals Strategy was announced, Queensland launched its own to "unlock the next resources boom". We take a look at how it differs from its federal counterpart, what initiatives are on offer, and what it could mean for the Queensland critical minerals sector. Read more

Using Collaborative Contracting Structures for Critical Minerals Exploration Opportunities in Australia

By Jay Leary and Jaya Prasad Summary Global investment in the clean energy transition has placed increased demand pressures on critical minerals supply chain Australia is already a key player in the critical minerals market but there is further opportunity to expand Australia’s offering to the global market Key risks include geological scarcity, sovereign and … Read more

Chile’s Copper Royalty Reform

By Jay Leary The Chilean government have announced the introduction of a tax reform bill that will introduce a new royalty system payable by copper miners. This bill contains a variable royalty rate, dependent on the quantity of copper sold. Rates could increase to as high as 32% depending on the price of copper. Given … Read more

Queensland State Coal Royalties: Out of step with all other jurisdictions

By Jay Leary To the great surprise of all within the industry, the Queensland government has announced significant changes to the royalty regime for coal. The changes end what has otherwise been a stable period of royalty policy nationally. The royalty changes proposed are well out of step with other jurisdictions and display a deep … Read more

Rio Tinto has few options to save Serbia lithium mine, none good

Rio Tinto has only bad options as it tries to salvage its $2.4 billion Serbian lithium project after the country’s leaders bowed to environmentalists and cancelled it last week. The Anglo-Australian miner could sue the government, a step likely to fail and further antagonise Belgrade, or bet that pro-mining politicians emerge victorious in April parliamentary … Read more

NSW Government clarifies the strategic future of coal exploration and mining in New South Wales

On 24 June 2020 the NSW Government released its ‘Strategic Statement on Coal Exploration and Mining in NSW’ (the Statement), which outlines the Government’s policy position on future coal mining and exploration in New South Wales and aims to provide increased certainty to industry and community stakeholders. The new policy position recognises the ‘finite lifespan’ … Read more