Report of the Victorian Gas Market Taskforce released

The Victorian Gas Market Taskforce, which was led by former Howard Government Minister Peter Reith, has released its final report.The Taskforce was commissioned by the former Victorian Premier, Ted Baillieu, in December 2012 to consider ways to improve the operation… Read more

Victoria to raise the bar for mining exemptions

The Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources recently introduced the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Amendment Bill 2013 (Vic) (the Amendment Bill) into the Victorian Parliament.The Amendment Bill, if passed, will likely make it more difficult for land to be declared… Read more

Victoria declares ban on fraccing

The Victorian Government has declared bans on:approvals to undertake hydraulic fracturing or “fraccing” as part of onshore gas exploration; andthe issue of new exploration licences for coal seam gas (CSG).This move follows the ban on fraccing by the New South… Read more

CSG: The state of play in Victoria

In recent weeks, the approach to coal seam gas (CSG) mining in Victoria has been explored and debated both in the Victorian Parliament and out in the farming lands of the State.Recent DevelopmentsIn moves to understand how better to develop… Read more