The Pensions Ombudsman’s annual report for 2018/19 shows that the number of pension related complaints continues to rise, with 1,538 new investigations opened by the Ombudsman in the past year (a 5% increase on the previous year).

The top 10 reasons for new complaints remains largely unchanged from 2017/18, although the order has changed. However, transfers continue to be the most common cause of complaints (representing 7.1% of new complaints in 2018/19).

Here’s the full top 10:

Subject matter Percentage of new complaints
Transfers: general 7.1%
Misquote/misinformation 6.6%
Ill health 6.2%
Failure to provide information/act on instructions 5.7%
Benefits: incorrect calculation 4.6%
Benefits: overpayments 4.6%
Administration 3.2%
Death benefits 3.2%
Benefits: refusal/failure to pay/late payment 2.6%
Contributions: failure to pay 2.5%


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