We are delighted to launch a new podcast series on diversity in pensions, in which we will hear from a range of participants on issues related to promoting diversity within the pensions and professional services industries.

In our first episode, Samantha Brown, Head of Employment, Pensions and Incentives at Herbert Smith Freehills, is joined by Dana Grey, Director of Legal Compliance and Ethics at the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) who shares:

  • her story and career journey to date 
  • steps the PPF is taking to promote diversity and inclusion (starting at 5:04)
  • the challenges of intersectionality within professional services (starting at 10:00)
  • the language we use and how to have conversations about diversity (12:35)
  • obstacles related to diversity and inclusion, including how the focus on diversity can lead to people feeling a sense of being “othered” (starting at 15:27)
  • the importance of organisational diversity in investment decisions and how this is incorporated into the PPF’s investment agenda (starting at 18:58), and
  • lessons the industry can learn from the PPF’s experiences of communicating and engaging with its diverse membership (starting at 22:43).


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