To mark Mental Health Awareness Week #MHAW21, Samantha Brown, Head of Employment, Pensions and Incentives, joined Tim Leaver, a Partner in our Employment team on our Employment team’s Expresso Pods Podcast series to discuss:

  • workplace mental health and wellness, and
  • how the pandemic has impacted our wellbeing and awareness of our mental health.

They also share tips and personal experiences of how they, as leaders, are mindful of this and how they have sought to motivate their teams throughout the pandemic.


Please contact any of our speakers if you would like to discuss any of the issues covered in this podcast:

Samantha Brown
Samantha Brown
Head of Employment, Pensions and Incentives, London
+44 20 7466 2249
Tim Leaver
Tim Leaver
Partner, London
+44 20 7466 2305









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