In this latest podcast in our Pension Schemes Act 2021 Soundbite series, Senior Associate, Philip Lis from our restructuring and insolvency team, joins Professional Support Consultant, Tim Smith, to discuss the impact the new pensions criminal offences and regulatory sanctions are likely to have on corporate restructuring and insolvencies where a company or group has a defined benefit (DB) pension fund.

In particular, Philip shares his views on:

  • how the new offences and regulatory sanctions and the Pensions Regulator’s guidance are likely to impact the approach to restructuring and insolvency processes
  • what practical steps stakeholders can take to mitigate the risks associated with these new sanctions; and
  • how these sanctions interact with directors’ general legal duties.

For more analysis on how these new offences and regulatory sanctions may impact corporate activity check out:

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For more information about how these new criminal offences and powers may impact your business or scheme, please speak to your usual HSF adviser or contact one of our specialists.

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Philip Lis
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Tim Smith
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