Public Law Podcast: Government Consultation on Judicial Review

The post below was first published on our Public Law blog In the latest episode of our Public Law Podcast, Andrew Lidbetter, Nusrat Zar and Vikram Sachdeva QC of 39 Essex consider the Government’s recent consultation on judicial review following the Independent Review of Administrative Law submitted in January. Read more

HSF responds to Government’s Consultation on Judicial Review Reform

The post below was first published on our Public Law blog The Queen’s Speech on 11 May announced a Judicial Review Bill. This followed a consultation on judicial review reform launched by the Government on 18 March 2021 (the “Consultation“) and the publication of the report by the Independent Review for Administrative Law (the “IRAL“) on … Read more

Scottish independence: implications for the North Sea oil and gas sector

The post below was first published on our Energy blog. The North Sea oil and gas industry has played a key role in Scotland’s economy since the 1970s. While annual oil production peaked in 1999 and North Sea tax revenues have fallen considerably in the last five years, Scotland’s oil and gas industry, including related … Read more

Scottish Independence: implications for financial services

Scottish independence from the United Kingdom is the over-riding policy imperative of the Scottish National Party (SNP). There are many hurdles to achieving this goal, but with the polls indicating a likely majority in the Scottish elections for the SNP (or for the SNP together with like-minded parties, the Green Party and Alba), this must … Read more

Scottish independence and currency: choices, issues and implications

During the 2014 referendum, an intendent Scotland’s approach to currency was one of the most hotly contested issues. That partly reflects currency’s role, like flags, as emblems of national identity and continuity. More fundamentally though, different currency regimes have profound implications for a sovereign State’s control over its monetary and fiscal policy, access to capital … Read more

Scottish independence and EU membership: process and implications

In 2016, shortly prior to the UK’s referendum on EU membership, the Scottish National Party (SNP) manifesto argued that “significant and material changes in circumstances that prevailed in 2014” would justify a second Scottish independence referendum and that “Scotland being taken out of the EU against our will” would constitute such change. Since then, the UK … Read more

Scottish Independence: The Consequences For Trade

As with the prospects for and then the reality of Brexit, the prospect of an independent Scotland raises the profile of questions on international trade for both politicians and business. In this briefing we take an initial look at some of the key trade issues. Read more