General Election 2019 – potential impact on real estate

The post below was first published on our Real Estate blog In our blog post of 4 October 2019 we looked at potential land use and planning policies announced at the Labour and Liberal Democrat Party conferences this autumn and how they could affect developers. Since then, the Election has been set for 12 December … Read more

Residential Leasehold up for grabs – change is coming, get ready!

The post below was first published on our Real Estate Development blog The report of the Parliamentary committee on residential leasehold reform has been published containing strong recommendations, many of them radical, and some where it is not at all clear how they could work in practice.  Nevertheless, this is likely to be the future … Read more

“Land for the Many” – potential future land reform under a Labour government

The post below was first published on our Real Estate Development blog A report commissioned for the Labour Party entitled “Land for the Many” has been published, proposing radical changes to the way that land is used and controlled in the United Kingdom. It makes many recommendations which are described as “proposals to the Labour Party” to … Read more