The Conservative’s corporate governance plans – what is next?

The focus of business before last week’s General Election was understandably Labour’s manifesto and its radical plans to, among other things “amend the Companies Act, requiring companies to prioritise long-term growth while strengthening protections for stakeholders, including smaller suppliers and pension funds”, “require one-third of boards to be reserved for elected worker-directors” and that “up … Read more

The future UK-EU relationship – what is next?

The post below was first published on our Brexit blog “The election result represents a decisive choice by the UK electorate to proceed with leaving the EU and makes any reversal of that policy extremely unlikely. While leaving the EU undoubtedly carries considerable economic challenges for the UK, the majority that the Conservative Party enjoys … Read more

Capital controls in the UK?

Since the US Dollar departed from the gold standard in 1971 much of the world has abandoned or substantially relaxed capital and exchange controls. International trade and investment has grown dramatically since that time and it is acknowledged that open markets stimulate trade. The UK has been since the 1980s at the forefront of countries … Read more

The UK general election 2019 – what lies ahead for employment law?

The post below was first published on our Employment blog. Employment rights have been a key political battleground during both the Brexit process and the current general election campaign and, unsurprisingly, the approaches of the two main political parties are very different. On Brexit, the Conservatives seek to reserve the right to deviate from EU … Read more

What does the election mean for pensions?

The post below was first published on our Pensions blog The outcome of the 2019 General Election has the potential to radically impact the nature of the UK’s relationship with the EU and our other trading partners, the shape of the UK economy and the composition of the United Kingdom. At a macro level all … Read more

General Election 2019 – potential impact on real estate

The post below was first published on our Real Estate blog In our blog post of 4 October 2019 we looked at potential land use and planning policies announced at the Labour and Liberal Democrat Party conferences this autumn and how they could affect developers. Since then, the Election has been set for 12 December … Read more