FCA’s new rules on climate-related disclosures by asset managers

In June this year, the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) published a consultation paper setting out its proposals to introduce climate-related financial disclosure rules and guidance for asset managers, life insurers, and FCA-regulated pension providers, consistent with the TCFD’s recommendations and recommended disclosures (CP 21/17) (the “Consultation Paper”). Our earlier briefing focused on how the proposed rules and guidance … Read more

Government releases consultation paper on the replacement of the Human Rights Act

The post below was first published on our Public Law blog The Ministry of Justice has today released a consultation paper outlining proposals for reform of the Human Rights Act 1998. Reform has been anticipated for many years, having been brought to the forefront of public attention upon the release of the Government’s 2019 manifesto. … Read more

UK National Security and Investment Act 2021: what do investors need to know?

The post below was first published on our Competition blog On 4 January 2022 the UK National Security and Investment (NSI) Act enters into force, introducing a new foreign direct investment (FDI) regime with standalone powers for the review of FDI in the UK. The new regime replaces the existing public interest merger regime provisions … Read more

Global energy crisis explainer: Why it can’t be put on the backburner (podcast)

In this podcast, Paul Butcher, our Director of Public Policy, looks at: the unprecedented nature of the current situation for natural gas, coal and electricity the consequences we are seeing for industry and consumers what caused the crisis, including: the ‘series of unfortunate events’ the surprising consequences of the pandemic and new ways of working … Read more