Concerns grow that foreign influence policy is misdirected, bureaucratic and risks deterring benign engagement and investment The UK’s proposed Foreign Influence Registration Scheme is part of a wider package of measures to revamp domestic espionage laws, in this instance via new obligations for a wide range of businesses, across all sectors, and others with international … Read more

What you need to know about the Edinburgh Reforms

The post below was first published on our FSR and Corporate Crime notes blog: The Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced a set of reforms which, in tandem with the Financial Services and Markets Bill, the government hopes will drive growth and competitiveness in the financial services sector. The Chancellor has made a written statement to Parliament on the measures … Read more

Energy Prices Act 2022—need for secondary legislation

Energy analysis: The Energy Prices Act (the Act), introduced as a Bill to Parliament on 12 October 2022, was passed into law on 25 October 2022. Originally introduced as part of the former Prime Minister, Liz Truss’s, mini-budget, this emergency legislation includes a series of measures addressing the current energy crisis. This analysis was first … Read more

Growth Plan 2022 – Investment Zones, planning reform and housing targets

The post below was first published on our Real Estate Development notes blog: It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the future of planning. On 23 September, the Chancellor announced the government’s Growth Plan 2022, and last week has seen Conservative Party Conference speeches from the new Levelling Up Minister, Simon Clarke, and the Prime Minister … Read more