Product Safety and Recall in the U.S. and EU

Joe Falcone and Howard Watson have published an article in Product Liability Law & Strategy addressing the varying approaches taken by the EU and the US to ensure the safety of products placed on the market in those jurisdictions, specifically with respect to supply chain and recall requirements as well as penalties for non-compliance. Read more

Alcohol pricing restrictions

With no announcement in the March 2013 Budget on the issue of Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol, speculation has arisen that the UK Government may be re-thinking its approach to the issue of alcohol pricing. The proposal for Minimum Unit Pricing, originally announced in March 2012 in the Government’s Alcohol  Strategy alongside proposals such as … Read more

Contaminated meat: legal implications for corporates

On 16 January 2013 the Food Standards Agency (FSA) confirmed that the Food Safety Authority of Ireland had identified horse and pig DNA in a range of beef products on sale at several supermarkets. This prompted widespread testing of beef products across the EU which led to the discovery of further incidences of contamination and … Read more

Europe’s Product Safety and Market Surveillance Package 2013

On 13 February 2013, the European Commission (EC) adopted the Product Safety and Market Surveillance Package with the aim of simplifying and making more uniform the safety rules applying to non-food products, streamlining market surveillance procedures and better co-ordinating and monitoring the carrying out of market surveillance activities in the EU. The main items in … Read more