Our new guide to product liability and product recall insurance in the UK

In this guide, published as a chapter of the International Comparative Legal Guide to Product Liability 2016, we consider the types of liability to which producers and distributors of defective products may be exposed, and the scope of product liability and recall insurance policies. It also outlines practical considerations for insureds in product recall planning and … Read more

Recent developments in US product liability

There have been a number of significant product liability cases in the US in recent months. Thomas E Riley from our New York office has prepared an article which was first published in the annual survey issue (51-2) of the Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Law Journal. Read more

Focus on 3D printing – the legal implications of an emerging technology

In this article published in PLC Magazine June 2016 we consider the effectiveness of the current law to deal with the competition that 3D printing presents for traditional manufacturing as well as the opportunities 3D printing provides for rights holders via alternative business models and the product liability challenges involved. Andrew Moir, Anthony Dempster, Rachel … Read more

Challenges to sugar – Health claims relating to glucose tablets not authorised

The General Court of the European Union has supported the Commission's finding that health claims made in relation to glucose tablets encouraged the consumption of sugar, that such encouragement was contrary to generally accepted principles of nutrition and health and therefore such claims could not be made even though the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) … Read more

New sentencing guidelines for corporate manslaughter and health and safety offences come into force today

The Sentencing Council has published guidelines to be used by Judges when sentencing corporate manslaughter, health and safety offences and food safety and hygiene offences. The guidelines will apply to all sentences passed on or after 1 February 2016 irrespective of when the relevant offence was committed.  They are expected to result in significantly larger … Read more