Challenges to sugar – Health claims relating to glucose tablets not authorised

The General Court of the European Union has supported the Commission's finding that health claims made in relation to glucose tablets encouraged the consumption of sugar, that such encouragement was contrary to generally accepted principles of nutrition and health and therefore such claims could not be made even though the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) had confirmed the accuracy of the claims. (Dextro Energy GmbH & Co KG v Commission – Case T-100/15).

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Product Safety and Recall in the U.S. and EU

Joe Falcone and Howard Watson have published an article in Product Liability Law & Strategy addressing the varying approaches taken by the EU and the US to ensure the safety of products placed on the market in those jurisdictions, specifically with respect to supply chain and recall requirements as well as penalties for non-compliance. Continue reading

Alcohol pricing restrictions

With no announcement in the March 2013 Budget on the issue of Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol, speculation has arisen that the UK Government may be re-thinking its approach to the issue of alcohol pricing. The proposal for Minimum Unit Pricing, originally announced in March 2012 in the Government’s Alcohol  Strategy alongside proposals such as the banning of multi-buy promotions in the off-trade, did not identify a Minimum Price point and the Government has been consulting on the basis of a recommended  45p unit minimum price. In the 2013 Budget the Government indicated that it would shortly be responding to its consultation (which closed on 6 February 2013), including proposals to deal with deeply-discounted alcohol in supermarkets and other stores, but gave no indication of its current thinking on the issue. Continue reading