A law on immunity from enforcement in France

The 'Law on Transparency, Anti-corruption Measures and the Modernisation of the Economy' presented by Michel Sapin, Minister for the Economy and Finance, to the Council of Ministers on 30 March 2016, known as the « Sapin II » law, has finally been approved by the French National Assembly on 8 November 2016, after undergoing two … Read more

French Supreme Court decision in Commisimpex dispute heralds significant change in approach to sovereign immunity

In Cour de cassation, Chambre civile 1, 13 May 2015, n° 13-17751, the French Cour de cassation (Supreme Court) considered an appeal from a Versailles Court of Appeal judgment in the long-running dispute between the Republic of the Congo and the Congolese company, Commissions Import Export SA (Commisimpex). The Supreme Court considered whether, under customary international … Read more