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Dawood Rawat v Mauritius: Dual-national claim dismissed based on treaty context interpretation

  On 6 April 2018, a Tribunal constituted under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules rendered an Award on Jurisdiction in the case Dawood Rawat v. The Republic of Mauritius (PCA Case 2016-20).  Following a thorough analysis of the interpretation of the … Continue reading

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The German Federal Supreme Court dismisses claim by bondholders against Greece, denying jurisdiction on grounds of state immunity

The German Federal Supreme Court (Bundesgerichtshof) recently held that creditors cannot bring claims against the Hellenic Republic before the German courts in the context of Greece's debt restructuring in 2012 , finding that Greece enjoys immunity from jurisdiction before the … Continue reading

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ICSID tribunal declines jurisdiction on basis of lack of evidence of necessary “control” under BIT and requires claimant to pay 80% of costs of the state

In the ICSID decision of Guardian Fiduciary Trust Ltd f/k/a Capital Conservator Savings & Loan Ltd v Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (ICSID Case No. ARB/12/31) issued on 22 September 2015, the Tribunal declined jurisdiction on the basis that the … Continue reading

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A sardine cannot swallow a whale: ICSID tribunal declines jurisdiction under the Egypt-UAE BIT

In an Award on Jurisdiction rendered earlier this year in National Gas S.A.E. v. Arab Republic of Egypt (ICSID Case No. ARB/11/7), an ICSID tribunal declined jurisdiction to hear a claim brought against Egypt under the Egypt-UAE BIT by an … Continue reading

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The Alien Tort Statute – when will a claim “touch and concern” the territory of the United States?

In Kiobel v Royal Dutch Petroleum Co, the US Supreme Court held that the presumption against extraterritorial application of US laws applies to claims under the Alien Tort Statute (ATS). The Supreme Court left open the possibility of ATS claims … Continue reading

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Recent Developments in India-related international arbitration

Herbert Smith Freehills has issued the latest edition of its Indian international arbitration e-bulletin. This issue considers some significant decisions of the Indian courts, including two decisions on the arbitrability of fraud claims and a decision of the Supreme Court … Continue reading

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No jurisdiction over BIT claims if investor fails to state a prima facie case

In Achmea BV v The Slovak Republic (PCA Case No. 2013-12), the tribunal considered the respondent’s objection that it lacked jurisdiction on the ground that the claimant had failed to establish a prima facie cause of action under the Netherlands … Continue reading

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No consent to ICSID jurisdiction found under Venezuelan Investment Law: distinction drawn between the intention of the drafters and the intentions of the State

In OPIC Karimun Corporation v Venezuela, an ICSID tribunal has held that Venezuela’s Investment Law’s reference to ICSID did not, without more, provide consent to ICSID jurisdiction. Due to the ambiguous wording of the law, the tribunal looked at the … Continue reading

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Egypt prevails on “fork-in-the-road” provision

In an unpublished ICSID decision last month (the Decision), reported in Global Arbitration Review and Investment Arbitration Reporter, the Arab Republic of Egypt (Egypt) successfully knocked out the majority of claims brought by California-based H&H Enterprises Investments (H&H) by way … Continue reading

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ICJ orders provisional measures in proceedings between East Timor and Australia

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has handed down its decision in respect of provisional measures sought by East Timor in a pending case before the Court. The principal claim relates to documents and data seized by the Australian Security … Continue reading

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