All eyes on the regulators as the age of AI dawns

Recent developments in AI regulation make it clear that the burden, and risk, of regulating this exciting but difficult new area in the UK will fall squarely on existing sectoral regulators for now, including those regulators who will not necessarily have significant technical expertise in this high-tech space. We look at some of those developments … Read more

High Court considers regulatory rights of appeal

In R (Suez Recycling and Recovery UK Ltd) v Environment Agency [2023] EWHC 3012 (Admin) the High Court considered the routes by which environmental permit holders can challenge adverse Compliance Assessment Reports (“CARs“) issued by the Environment Agency (“the Agency“). The Court found in favour of the Claimant, waste company Suez Recycling and Recovery UK … Read more

AI in regulatory decision making – is it the end of the world?

In November the UK will be hosting the first global summit on the regulation of AI at Bletchley Park. The recent growth of programs such as ChatGPT has prompted much debate around standards for the creation and deployment of artificial intelligence, and even concerns about the future of humanity. But what about the deployment of … Read more

Public Law Project: Judicial Review Trends and Forecasts conference 2021

We are delighted to be supporting the Public Law Project again in running its annual Judicial Review Trends and Forecasts conference. This year the conference will take place as a week of online seminars on the theme of ‘accountability and the constitution’. The sessions will begin on Monday 18 October, and will include a keynote … Read more

Public Law Podcast: Regulatory Disputes in the Consumer Sector

Businesses who deal with consumers will generally wish to have a good relationship with Government, regulators and other public authorities. However, there are times when a company’s interests are such that they come into conflict. At those times companies may wish to consider how that conflict might be resolved if it were to reach court. … Read more