Upper Tribunal considers what constitutes a public authority under the Environmental Information Regulations

The Upper Tribunal (the “UT”) in Information Commissioner v Poplar Housing Association and Regeneration Community Association [2020] UKUT 182 (AAC) has dismissed the Information Commissioner’s appeal against a decision by the First-tier Tribunal (the “FTT”), confirming a housing association was not a “public authority” for the purposes of regulation 2(2)(c) of the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 … Read more

Government launches panel to consider the judicial review process

On the afternoon of Friday 31 July the Government announced that it had appointed a panel of experts (the “Panel”) to examine if there is a need to reform the judicial review process (the “Review”). Background The Conservative Party in its 2019 manifesto (at page 48) committed to establishing a Constitution, Democracy and Rights Commission … Read more

Judicial Review – Strategies for Pharmaceutical Companies

In the latest episode of HSF's webinar series on the pharmaceutical sector, Andrew Lidbetter, Sanam Zulfiqar Khan, Mark Smyth and Lourdes Fraguas discuss judicial review and strategies for pharmaceutical companies. The webinar provides a summary of actions by pharmaceutical companies challenging decisions of public bodies in the UK and a comparative perspective for Australia and Spain. Read more

Public Law Horizon-Scanning Podcast Series

We are pleased to share with you this three part horizon-scanning podcast series from the public law team. In this series, Nusrat Zar and Shameem Ahmad are joined by James McBride from Hanbury Strategy, a strategic advisory firm that provides political insight and analysis. Together they will to look to the horizon and share their … Read more

Regulatory disputes in the consumer sector

Businesses who deal with consumers will generally wish to have a good relationship with Government, regulators and other public authorities. However, there are times when a company’s interests are such that they come into conflict. At those times companies may wish to consider how that conflict might be resolved if it were to reach court … Read more